Richard Kirk is an oil painter living and teaching in Naples and Bonita
Springs, Florida. His current paintings are figurative and photorealistic, but
he has worked extensively as an illustrator, portrait painter and still life
painter. Currently, his paintings are on display at
He teaches classes in Advanced Oil/Acrylic Painting, Figure Drawing and
Portrait Painting at both the Naples Art Association and the Center for the
Arts of Bonita Springs.

Richard studied illustration at Palomar College in San Marcos, California
and established his illustration business from Boston, Massachusetts. His
illustration clients included Hoods Milk, Dexter Shoes, Fidelity Investment,
RGA Publishing and Harvard Magazine, to name a few.
In addition, Richard has written and self-published four books designed to
help his students learn the basics of drawing, painting, portrait painting and
color theory. His fundamental belief about painting shapes his work and his
teaching: “Creating a painting does not make one an artist. Artists create
something extraordinary from their experience, knowledge and ability. Until
a painter has discovered and is able to pull instantly from these three
primary conditions, he or she is a student. Still, taking pride in being a
student moves you closer to creating art.”
Artist's Bio